5 Valuable Things No One Tells College Graduates Entering the Real World

9 April 2021
People say that college days are the best days of your life. Indeed, they are! But they can be even more valuable if you know the challenges lying ahead. You win half the war as a job-seeker if you adequately prepare for the upcoming trials – and we've got tips.
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People say that college days are the best days of your life. Indeed, they are! But they can be even more valuable if you know the challenges lying ahead. You win half the war as a job-seeker if you adequately prepare for the upcoming trials.

A recent statistical survey reveals that approximately 80% of Indian engineers are not employable. You might blame it on the education system or lack of resources. The truth is that youth is falling short of the necessary skills to land the most desirable jobs.

There can be some unanswered questions in your mind, such as –

  • What is going to help you stand out?
  • Are there resources available that can fill this skill gap during college days?
  • How can you enhance your employability?

Life after graduation is an evolutionary process. You enter the world of obligations, efficiency, and utility. Your skills and learnings come in handy to help you navigate different situations.

Thanks to the digitization of information, there are many ways to fill the skill gap. There are many online platforms to upskill and train youngsters on the professional life threshold.

Here, we will discuss some valuable things to help you transition from campus to the real world.

1.    Cultivating Skill Is The Need Of The Hour

The current scenario shows a shortage of skilled workforce against the market demands. Analyzing the surveys issued by the India Skills Report, the situation seems grim. The survey states that approx. 93% of the population has not received any formal vocational training.

There is a massive gap in the demand and supply of a skilled workforce. Even if college grads manage to secure a job, they find it stressful and challenging to retain the position due to a lack of professional skills. It implies that there is an urgent need for upskilling and real-job training. That’s where online learning platforms come to the rescue. They help you upgrade your professional skills, making you job-ready when you step into the real world. These online learning platforms offer live online classes, fellowships, and expert guidance.

soft skills

2. It Turns Out That Talent Outshine Degrees

According to LinkedIn surveys, 69% of the recruiters prefer hiring based on certified skills rather than degrees. Yes, it’s a fact which makes honing your innate skills essential along with academics. There numerous training courses available online which you can utilize to hone your skills.

There are numerous career opportunities in the marketing niche for college graduates.  For example, marketing has diversified into many branches like — digital marketing, social media marketing, content managers & strategists, virtual reality developers and editors, SEO/SEM specialists, email marketing specialists, digital marketing managers & directors, analysts & AI specialists, and more. You can focus on acquiring the right knowledge to be ready once an opportunity arises.

You can use online courses to learn and practice skills that can help you identify and master your natural talents for the future. These online courses can teach you to make the right sales pitch, learn the art of good communication and improve your writing skills.

3. Financial Aspect

The cost of education from a reputable institution or a college is relatively high. So, not landing a good job in the absence of the right skills can be frustrating. Hence, put in your full effort and never waste your college holidays.

Try getting an internship or freelance work as per your interest to gain insight into the real working world. If it’s paid training, you understand what it is like to earn, and even if it is unpaid, you gain valuable experience. You also understand the shortcomings you need to improve and the strengths you need to refine as college graduates.

4. Pause, Don’t Rush, And Miscalculate

A step taken in a rush might land you on shaky grounds. Making comparisons isn’t correct; you’ve heard that, right? Don’t obsess over your batch mates who have achieved more than you. It’s best to accept that you can’t push yourself to learn a skill overnight.

It takes time, effort, and patience. If you are willing to give these three inputs, then success is indeed yours. According to a survey, India’s trained workforce is at a meager 2.3% which is comparatively low against an economy like South Korea, which is at a mammoth share of 96%. Your focus should be on nurturing your talents and abilities so that you grab the opportunities that come your way.

To keep your best foot forward, practice your social skills to connect with people at work, interviews, meetings, and strangers in general. This will help you and not let you fumble when you introduce yourself anytime, anywhere.

5. Time Is An Important Investment

Always stay alert and invest your time wisely during your college days. Though fun and frolic are essential, you need to identify time-wasting activities.  Always have a to-do list so that you can plan, prioritize and stay a step ahead. Rather than hard work and stressing multitasking, understand the importance of smart work and plausible routine.

Spend your free time enrolling in different courses to learn a new skill or something valuable. It can be honing communication, negotiation, and problem-solving skills or learning a new language.

Wrapping Up

Don’t fear the challenges that await you after graduating into the real world. Plan, prepare and practice so that you convert your trials into opportunities.

how to level up your skills and be job ready

Key takeaways

  • Be farsighted and prepare in advance.
  • Use your free time in college to learn a new skill.
  • Enroll on digital learning platforms to maximise your output and polish your talents.
  • Acquiring skill sets will set your tone right for entering the real world.

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