Six Famous Salespeople And What We Can Learn From Them

9 April 2021
As per the common perception of the world, a salesperson is generally extroverted and aggressive, among other qualities, but are these the best qualities of a great salesperson?
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As per the common perception of the world, a salesperson is generally extroverted and aggressive, among other qualities, but are these the best qualities of a great salesperson? 

A decent way to comprehend what makes the best salesperson is by studying famous salespeople, their sales approach and achievements. To get you started with the same here’s presenting a lowdown on six famous salespeople and what you can learn from them.

1. Erica Feidner

On top of this list of salespeople is Erica Feidner, for her piano selling skills. . She sold more than $40 million worth of Steinway Pianos throughout her career despite it being a costly instrument that doesn’t trade so frequently. 

Feidner’s ability to decipher the customer and guide them to make that purchase sounds as phantasmagoric as Leo DiCaprio from the Wolf of Wall Street, but she did it in real life. She inspired so many customers to start learning the piano by demonstrating the product herself. 

What can you learn?  Focus on one sale at a time. If you can show customers how a  product can change their lives, it will persuade them to buy it from you instead of you persuading them.

2. Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren is a billion-dollar businessman now, but he worked as a salesman selling gloves and neckties in his early days. Gaining experience as a salesman while learning about the fashion industry’s inner functioning, he knew where he would flourish. 

What can you learn?: Focus on the industry you work in rather than the product itself. His time on the field, interacting with customers, helped him understand the customer’s needs.

3. David Ogilvy

Known for some popular campaigns for Dove, Hathaway, Shell and Rolls Royce, Ogilvy started just like any other rookie salesman. Going door to door, selling cooking stoves, he was so successful that the company made him write a manual. The manual, ‘The Theory and Practice of Selling the AGA Cooker’which is still a top-rated book and a recommended read for every salesperson.  Ogilvy believed in approaching as many people as possible and pitching the product. As he believed that it was the best way to know the needs of customers.

What can you learn?: Get as much exposure as possible in the industry, talk to as many customers as you can and try to understand their perspectives before offering a solution.

4. Zig Ziglar

Renowned author and famous for his motivational speeches, Ziglar has had the full experience of progressing through the industry ranks. His sheer will and hard work resulted in global success.. He started by selling pots and pans and later became a promoted supervisor who decided to share his knowledge with the world. His videos referred by various  online courses What can you learn?Being confident during a sale and handling rejection from (potential) customers, and maintaining a consistent professional spirit are a few of a salesperson’s best qualities.

5. Napoleon Barragan

Thinking way ahead of his time, Barragan revolutionised eCommerce with his brilliant idea to start 1800-mattress. In 1976, he captured the telephone-market, which was a unique idea at the time. Now, the trick influences marketers to try the same to deliver a great sales pitch.

What can you learn?: Think big. Find the most efficient method to reach the highest number of audiences.

6. Joy Mangano

Joy Mangano was a visionary. She had ideas for products that the world needed. Her vision for the miracle self-wringing mop hit the market like wildfire. She sold 18,000 units in half an hour. She knew what the audience needed and created a market around it.

What can you learn?: If you have an idea, you can be a trendsetter. Never be afraid to pitch it.

In short, the best qualities of a salesperson go beyond aggression. They focus on one sale, inspire the consumer, find their niche in an industry, handle rejection with professionalism, create a trend and, most importantly, think from the customer’s perspective.

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