The 9 Best Programming Languages to Learn in 2021 (India)

20 April 2021
Programming languages are an integral part of most IT sector industries in the current period. Currently, there are multiple complex and compelling programming languages prevalent in the software development world that developers rely on entirely.
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Programming languages are an integral part of most IT sector industries in the current period. Currently, there are multiple complex and compelling programming languages prevalent in the software development world that developers rely on entirely.

Professionals in software development fields like Data Science, Machine Learning, and Web/App Development need to grasp the programming languages they use. 

As a result, an estimated increase of 22% in software developers’ demand between 2019-2029. Thus, for someone just starting in the IT sector, having this skill is crucial for professional growth, better career prospects, and an overall skill upgrade.

If you are in a similar boat, taking a programming languages certification would surely improve your chances to bag high-paying opportunities. 

In this concern, take a look at ten of the best programming languages available for software development in 2021. 

1. Python

Python is arguably one of the most popular programming languages in the IT world. It has a well-maintained framework and reliable coding capability. Not to mention, beginners can appreciate its free, open-source nature and easy-to-understand data structures.

Besides these, you would also notice features like community development, advanced support modules, and simple web services integrations. 

In practice, developers use this programming language commonly in artificial intelligence and machine learning. You can also use its derivative Django framework in web development.

Many leading digital brands like Spotify, Instagram, Facebook, and Amazon run on Python program coding. Talking about salary, you can get approximately $107,000 as a Python developer if you have some years of experience and training.

2. JavaScript 

In terms of technology development, JavaScript as a programming language is highly sought after in various industries. A 2020 survey under Overflow shows that almost 70% of the participants said they had used JavaScript in some capacity that year. 

This programming language helps front-end web development with CSS and HTML frameworks. You can utilise the JavaScript Node.Js framework to develop adaptive network applications on the server-side.

This programming language has four main frameworks- Node.js, React.js, Angular.js, and Vue.js. If you specialise in Node-Js, you can use it for software development with Mac OS X, Linux, Windows, and SunOS. 

Most of the unique applications that run using JavaScript include YouTube, Gmail, Twitter, and Facebook. Developers for these companies use this programming language to configure and develop dynamic display content and interactive web interfaces.

As a beginner, learning this language is valuable as it involves flexible coding syntaxes and is compatible with multiple browsers. 

3. Kotlin 

You can learn Kotlin, a general-purpose coding language compatible with Java and other functional programming languages. It began developing under JetBrains in 2011, and 5 years later, it was officially launched.

A lot of the Google-based applications operate with this language. For a career in web development, Android development, server-side development, or desktop application development, learning this language would greatly benefit you.

Many companies employ programmers with Kotlin expertise, such as Post Mates, Pinterest, and Coursera. After training in this language, you can earn up to $140,000 approximately every year. 

4. Java 

Many software developers have experience and training in Java for computer programming. One reason for that is its general-purpose programming nature and object-oriented structure. Therefore, this Oracle Corporation-owned language can adjust with multiple platforms without an issue.

You can use its WORA or Write Once; Run Anywhere feature in different operating systems like iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac. 

Overall, this language helps programming in smartphones and mainframe data centres. With almost 3 billion devices holding apps running on Java, companies have a high demand for Java developers. In 2018, there were 7.1 million Java developers under employment globally, and the count is continuously expanding.

Mainly, this language is applicable for web and mobile app development, big data, and website backend coding. For the latter, notable examples include Twitter, Amazon, Google, and YouTube. You can train in its sub-frameworks other than the original language, such as Struts, Spring, and Hibernate. For external support, the online developers’ community is extensive and accessible. 

You would need a longer duration for this training as the language is complex. As mentioned earlier, you would find a high demand for this IT sector skill.

5. Scala 

Developers can transition to Scala training well after understanding the Java programming language. It involves Java components, like the JVM runtime environment and object-oriented structure in an advanced capacity. Specifically, Scala is a functional programming language. Developers who utilise it can enhance the quality of their original code. 

You can use this for concurrent programming; complex processes would occur parallel to each other. Moreover, you can customise the data types during runtime with this strongly- typed programming language. 

6. C+ and C++

One of the high- grade programming languages of 2021 and the previous years is C+. Developers with training in this coding language can opt for jobs in multiple IT sector companies globally.

Thus, training in this has a value from a career standpoint.

Microsoft essentially created this general-purpose programming language for the Microsoft .Net framework. It helps with game development, server-side development, and Windows application development. Other than C+, its successor C++ is also valuable for programmers.

Overall, you can use both programming languages easily for programming or computer science.

C+, in particular, contains a high-quality range of libraries in its structure. You can use the present tools and frameworks for efficient and quick programming.

This language includes multiple valuable features like component-oriented nature, scalable and updateable coding, fast compilation, structured language, and complete .Net library integration. 

One of the notable gaming software that operates with this programming language is Unity. Moreover, this programming language is popular with multiple companies like Capgemini and Intellectsoft for business- sector digital operations.

Therefore, as a C+ or C++ developer, your job opportunities would grow in various sectors. 

7. GO 

Golang or GO is a programming language for web applications and APIs. Google began its development in 2007; many users utilise this language for handling large projects. You would find it easy to work with its modern structure, flexible syntaxes, and simple codes. 

As a programming language, GO is comparatively less popular among developers than the previously-mentioned choices. However, multiple companies utilise it other than Google, mainly startups like Twitch, Dropbox, and Uber. As a GO developer, you can earn around $75,000 each year. 

8. PHP

PHP is one of the most traditional open-source programming languages today. Around 80% of the total websites operate with this programming language, like Yahoo and Facebook. In 2019, there were 6.1 million developers with PHP training in the world.

This particular language is useful for server-side coding and developing command-line scripts for websites. You can use this programming language for coding desktop applications as well. As a new developer, you would find it easy to learn this programming language.

Moreover, you can access the online community of developers for support assistance and extra programming tips at any period. You can earn up to $81,500 approximately as a PHP developer each year. 

9.   R

R programming language is one of the most widely-used languages for software in the recent period. In the TIOBE ranking, the R language improves from its previous 16th position to the 9th position within the year. 

You can use this programming language for machine learning and data science. Many notable tech companies such as Google, Facebook, and Uber utilise this language for software development.

There is a high demand for R programmers in the global IT sectors. You can improve your career prospects in the programming world with this training.

This open-source programming language helps software programming like Statistical Analysis as well. It involves a wide range of frameworks and libraries. You can use this language for developing applications compatible with Microsoft Windows or GNU/Linux during programming. 

Overall, you would notice multiple valuable features of this programming language. They include cross-platform compatibility, robust graphical functionalities, extensible structure, and distributed computing. It integrates with other data processing technologies like Spark and Hadoop easily. 

Developers with years of experience looking to transition into a new tech-development field can use this language properly. Beginners find it simple to learn and employ it as well.

Bonus # Ruby 

Another notable programming language for web development is Ruby. It is used primarily for the web application framework of Ruby on Rails. The programming language was the creation of Japanese software developer Yukihiro Matsumoto.

As a new developer, you can quickly adapt to Ruby programming language training. It has a simple coding structure, and you would have access to a vast support community. Many businesses in various sectors utilise Ruby on Rails software for their web development. This language has a simple syntax and pre-fitted configurations. 

Some of the notable companies that have previously used this programming language for web development include Twitter, Shopify, Bloomberg, and Airbnb. 


As a newcomer in software development and programming, it is essential to train in programming languages. Among the different options available, evaluate which suits your career goals and technical strength. Then, you can opt for certification in the specific training.

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