The Best Programming Languages To Learn As A Beginner

22 April 2021
Irrespective of whether you are a student or a fresh college graduate, you need to start planning for your future early and with proper dedication. Since in the 21st century, the IT industry is the highest yielding one, planning a career in this field would be an excellent idea.
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Irrespective of whether you are a student or a fresh college graduate, you need to start planning for your future early and with proper dedication. Since in the 21st century, the IT industry is the highest yielding one, planning a career in this field would be an excellent idea.

However, before you start with your career goals, you need to understand what job role you are looking for. Basic knowledge of programming languages is very much important. Nowadays, companies use several different languages, like Java, R, Python, and others. Without any proper knowledge about these languages, you wouldn’t start your career in the IT industry.

On this account, here, we will talk about the top eight programming languages that are ideal for the beginner level.


Java is one of the most used programming languages in both startups and the big MNC giants. Since it is an object- oriented language, code- building in Java is easier as compared to C. You can access several built- in libraries with this program to meet all your programming needs.

The four main Java features are encapsulation, polymorphism, inheritance, and abstraction, which allow the developers to build versatile and dynamic codes. This language also supports threads that enable game and animation development. Apart from this, multiple methods can be created to divide the program into different modules to simplify debugging.


Next to Java, the most used language is that of Python. You can use Python to develop not only websites and applications but also to conduct automation testing. If you want to start your career in data science or artificial intelligence, Python will give you the basic knowledge of these advanced technologies.

Writing programs in Python are easy to learn, thanks to the simple syntaxes. Several support libraries are there for accessing the in-built functions like I/O functions, print functions, math functions, and others. Python is widely used in numeric application developments, GUIs, web-based applications, etc.


Designed to support scripts for OS development and embedded systems, C++ is one of the easiest languages to learn. It has several resemblances with Java. Hence learning this language alongside will provide you with better future scopes in the IT industry. C++ codes can be reused and modified as per the project’s demand, thereby helping the developers work only on certain modules and not the entire script.

Learning C++ is straightforward, and hence, you won’t have to wait for any hands-on opportunity to start coding. All you need to know are the various syntaxes, the built-in library functions, methods, packages, and other special features that come with the OOP concept.


If you are looking forward to starting your career with Apple technology, Swift is the only option you have as an amateur. As it is an industrial-level language, you need to be very patient while learning it. However, once you get a hang, you will develop different websites and applications suitable for both iOS and Mac OS.

The Swift language’s major benefits are easy memory management, array listing, error handling, easy variable assignments, etc. You will find a built-in library with several functions that you can easily call in your code, as per the convenience.


R is extensively used in the three most important technological fields- statistical computing, data science, and machine learning. Learning R is essential if you are looking for jobs in these fields. Moreover, R being a comparatively new language, will give you several future scopes in the IT industry. With R, you can code new ideas for computing and statistical analysis- the two most important parts of any project.

As it is a cross- platform language, you can compile your codes from anywhere without any hassle. Programming with R might prove difficult in the beginning. But, if you have extensive knowledge about Python and Java, you will be able to understand the basics of R easily.


Another fantastic programming language you can learn in 2021 for a prospective future is the Go language. The syntaxes are very similar to that of C programming, which is why learning Go wouldn’t be much difficult. It supports features such as garbage collection, easy memory allocation, typing safety, structures, and unions which will help you to develop your codes in the best possible manner.

As Go is based on the C programming language, having prior knowledge will make the online tutorials easy for you. You can create functions with two different methods, and hence, you will have better flexibility in dividing the entire script into multiple modules working independently. This will reduce the efforts at the time of debugging.


JavaScript is one of the simplest programming languages one can learn in this current technological era. JS is used in several different frameworks like React.JS, Native React, Node.JS, and others, providing you with multitudinous options in terms of job roles and projects.

As it is very much easier to learn JavaScript codes, you won’t have to worry about securing a job in your dream company. If you already have enough knowledge about HTML and CSS, learning JavaScript will help you become a front-end developer, MEAN and MERN stack developer, and application developer.


PHP is one of the oldest languages used to develop most websites that are present on the web. You can look for several PHP industrial and beginner certifications online to be trained in basic programming. PHP is mainly popular due to its ability to support and compile server-side programs. However, you can use the latest version to write the command line programs, which will quickly develop top-level desktop and mobile applications. As most companies still utilise PHP, you won’t have to worry about securing a future job.

How To Get Started?

We have described here the top programming languages that are mainly used for developing both websites and applications in different companies. So, first, you need to pick the appropriate programming language for getting started with your career plan. Ensure you are gathering the basic ideas about the future scope of the concerned language, the job roles you can target for, the companies, and the salary.

Based on your capability and your future career plan, you need to choose the most appropriate programming language that will help you secure your dream job. However, before that, you need to ensure that you have gathered the basic knowledge about the language and successfully run the simpler codes.

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